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Wild grey something... [19 Jul 2010|06:30pm]
So... of to Chicago next month with approved leave. My buddy Jacek has his birthday that weekend and I haven't seen him in over 9 years, so we're gonna party. Heh.
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Clarity [01 Mar 2010|07:10am]
I'm no one's grandson anymore.
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Cara fíor [14 Feb 2010|04:34pm]
In my continuing quest of getting shows I'm not supposed to have, I just finished watching Boondock Saints II. Heh
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One of two things... [24 Jan 2010|03:31pm]
I owe over 1200 in taxes this year. I think it has to do with my special duty pay pushing me into the next bracket.

Either way...

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Metallurgy [15 Jan 2010|02:32pm]
My copy of Thunder in the Sky just got here.

They remade "The Crown and the Ring."

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Blastocyte [08 Jan 2010|12:01pm]
Echo results today.

Enlarged left ventricle. Lung involvement.

Primary diagnosis, untreated high blood pressure.
Secondary diagnosis, COPD.

Blood pressure study to be conducted over the next week.
Blood cholesterol draw on monday.
Chest X-ray taken to confirm/rule out COPD.

Tell the fuckers to bring the pain. I'm fuckin' loading for bears and shit.
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Fibrilation [31 Dec 2009|12:49pm]
I was supposed to have an echo-cardiogram last week, but for some reason TRICARE moved my primary care physician to Fort Stewart for some goddamn reason. Five days of arguing with Humana on the phone, and I finally just went down to the Tricare office on Keesler and got it straightened out. On my day off, no less.

Stole my chart for a few minutes to get the referral notes... As stated on the chart:
"PT presents with inverted T waves in precordial leads without associated ST changes, also inverted III and AVR."

I dunno what that means, but it's not horrible. Not good, but not life and death yet.

The ultrasound tech who did the echo this morning said he noted thickening in the walls of the heart muscle on the echo. His opinion is that this is usually caused by high blood pressure.

As I have already stated, I can't get anyone in the military medical community to admit that I have high blood pressure. Let's hear it for socialized medicine, heh.

Ennyhoo, results should be evaluated by COB today, and I will have a follow up with a doc Friday next to find out WTF.

However. To quote from Army Regulation 40-501:

The causes for referral to an MEB are as follows:
Congenital heart disease that has long term risks, complications, or impact on duty performance.

Being unable to pass a PT test because I can't run more than a mile without being unable to breathe counts as impact on duty performance.

If I don't get some good news next week, I think they're gonna tell me I'm done.
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Cowardice [19 Dec 2009|05:57am]
I've had two abnormal EKGs in the past month.

I can't keep pretending nothing's wrong anymore.
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Referencing an email I got last week [17 Dec 2009|06:55am]
You were the first to say
That we were not ok
You were the first to lie
When we were not alright

This was my first love
She was the firs to go
And when she left me for you
I was the last to know


I'll be the first to say
That now I'm ok
And for the first time
I've opened up my eyes

This was my worst love
You'll be the first to go
And when she leaves you for dead
You'll be the last to know

---Three Days Grace
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Combatives [14 Dec 2009|07:46pm]
Just for background:

The Army has taken their hand-to-hand fighting a little more seriously in the last few years... it's now called "combatives" and there are five levels of the training. I've been through level 2, so I have a little more working knowledge of grappling and Jui Jitsu.

When I first got to gulfport, I met a guy named Reggie at the gym on Keesler, and he invited me to his dojo, a place called Dixson's Dungeon (now renamed Gulf Coast MMA) in Biloxi. I liked John Dixson right off the bat, and the prices were good, so I signed up for the beginner classes. There were time issues, what with my schedule being insane, but the real problem was that I was dominating in the beginner class, and not really learning anything new. So John put me in with his fighters, since he didn't have an 'intermediate' class.

I got destroyed on a nightly basis... but I was loving it, until that one time at the beginning of August. I was rolling with Reggie when he got me in a heel hook (a type of leg-lock). It wasn't tight, so I tried to roll my body sideways to escape... turned out Reggie was just being nice. He cinched it up, and I swear it felt like he tore my calf muscle. I couldn't walk right for almost a week.

Decision moment. I'm active duty, and I'm not training to go into the UFC or anything, I just wanted the workouts. I can't get hurt or almost maimed and stay on active duty. I just can't. So I sat John down and explained it to him, walked out on two months of already paid tuition too, dammit.

I mentioned this to one of my our future soldiers when we were talking about the fights this weekend (MAN, that was a sick cut on Diego Garcia's head, wasn't it?)... and he told me about an ITA Tae Kwon Do dojo here in Gulfport that does Gracie BJJ three times a week, so I went down and talked to the grand master this evening. Looks like I'll be starting this up on Wednesday, just to see where it goes. He's going to let me go month to month until January ends, even. I'm just worried that I'll be able to slow down when we're rolling, or even adapt to a style where they do wear the traditional gi. *shrug*

We shall see.
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Chewie made me do it! [05 Dec 2009|04:35pm]

MyHeritage: Family tree - Genealogy - Celebrity - Collage - Morph

Picture is from 2006, Karaoke night!

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For the Masses [02 Dec 2009|12:27am]
Alice Cooper - Along Came a Spider, the Movie.

Click. Then spread.
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Not sure why. [28 Nov 2009|03:06am]

Then I heard the voice of God saying, "Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?" And I said, "Here am I. Send me."
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Question: [12 Nov 2009|11:21pm]
If I put cheerios on my ice cream, does it still count as breakfast?

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[10 Nov 2009|10:27pm]
Let's Vary Piracy... With A Little Lechery!
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Musing [04 Nov 2009|08:32pm]
101 fever. Shakes. Cough. 48 hours bedrest.

My life is total suckage right this second.

'Course the codeine cough syrup is NIIIIIICE...

Got my hands on The Gathering Storm and managed to finish it before the fever happened, so that went allright I guess...

I am so stoned right now..
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Worst day since May. [30 Sep 2009|07:35pm]
That is all.
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This confuses me. [20 Sep 2009|10:17pm]
I love Steve Carrel in movies. I'm serious. Was there even another reason to watch "Evan Almighty"?

And yet I've spent the last two days watching back seasons of 'The Office', and FUCK, every time he's on screen, I just wanna fast forward. 'Course, the the other interactions make the show watchable, but I'm still hoping there's a Steve Carrel-less episode somewhere in season 5.
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What the FUCK. [20 Sep 2009|04:05am]
I come back from running around all weekend, and find out that Mary Travers has died. Now "Puff the Magic Dragon" is stuck in my head, where it shoulda been all along. In pace requiescat.

In other news, my end of the deal has been taken care of, so I can talk about it now... I am officially registered as a corporate entity! Yay! My job was to manage to get registered with the suppliers, not as hard as it sounds... and Dave's job is to draw up the articles of incorporation and register us with the state... we're going LLC.

We've got our tax ID all straightened out, so halfway there. This rocks!
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No one puts baby six feet under [14 Sep 2009|10:45pm]
So Patrick Swayze just died at 57 of complications related to pancreatic cancer.

Dying sucks, but having your name be known by the world while you're alive musta been fun.

Gods rest.
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